We rise to the needs of both our corporate issuer and institutional investor clients with in-depth equity research, full access to equity capital markets, and extensive equity and equity-linked distribution and execution capabilities across Asia and the Americas. 

Our sales and trading professionals are here to help you make the most of your portfolio—strategizing, tracking and executing securities transactions in exchanges around the world. We actively monitor the market and search for areas of liquidity to sharpen your execution strategies.

Award-winning equities solutions in Asia and the Americas

US Equities
  • Expertise in multiple sectors and  a wide distribution network provide relevant insights that  allow for seamless execution
  • Experienced US economic and investment strategy teams
  • Dedicated team of Corporate Access professionals with deep relationships on the investor and corporate sides
  • Equity finance capability with a depth of stable funding and inventory
Japanese Equities
  • An established US sales team
  • Non-deal road show capability in the US and an extensive network for corporate management access in Japan (in conjunction with Mizuho affiliates)
  • DMA and DSA available

Japanese FSA short sale requirements
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Asian Equities
  • A dedicated US sales team
  • Coverage of Hong Kong/Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Singaporean and Indian equity markets
  • Non-deal road show capability in the US and extensive network for corporate management access in Asia
Convertible Bonds
  • Global distribution of US and Asian convertible bonds (in conjunction with Mizuho affiliates)
Equity Capital Markets
  • Significant origination and syndicate operations that meet our corporate issuer clients’ needs
  • Top 10 underwriter in convertibles (Source: Bloomberg 2016)
Equity Research
  • US Equity research in technology, healthcare, energy, REIT and consumer sectors
  • Equity research in all sectors of the Japanese marketplace 
  • Asia-based economic research and investment strategy teams 

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